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Beauty Is An Experience

A° Salon & Beauty Studio is Vadodara’s premium beauty destination set-up in 2014. At a time when you could come across a salon on every street and corner, there was a demand for a place that provided more than the basic services. A place that didn’t just follow the trends but actually set it. Ushering in the era of luxury salon experience, Ao - Salon & Beauty Studio, set new benchmarks in personal grooming and styling.

Be your own style icon

We believe that your look does more than make you look good, when done thoughtfully it makes a statement. At Ao, we take into consideration your personality and preferences. We let you dictate your choice, define your style and reflect your persona, so you get to be your own style icon.

The Luxury Salon Experience

Services That Are A Cut Above The Rest

We realise that every individual has a unique need when it comes to skin and hair. With experts in the industry, the best products and the latest equipment, our services are customised to address your specific needs.

Be Pampered From The Moment You Step In

They say that true beauty comes from feeling good. A salon that is designed to make you feel great about yourself, at A° you’ll enter a space that inspires you to explore your style without any inhibitions.

Nothing But The Best For You

Even the best stylist in the world can do no wonders if the products used are not of high quality. This is why, we have partnered with the best in beauty products - L’Oréal. With extensive research, each L’Oréal product offers utmost quality, efficacy and safety. A transformative leader in the beauty industry, the brand caters to the need of Indian skin tones and hair types with amazing ease.

You Are The Centre Of Our Universe

Feel pampered with the personal and customised assistance by our stylists, we’ll hear you, even when no one else will. We understand the importance of that first date, that significant business meeting, that crucial job interview, or that nagging need for some change after a long day. Just walk-in and let those scissors chop away your worries.